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IRS, IDC's, and Farmouts: A Critical Analysis Milton R.

May 26, 1977 7 min read


IRS, IDC's, and Farmouts: A Critical Analysis Milton R.

May 26, 1977 7 min read


Hospital Cost Containment (H.R. 6575 - S.1391) Samuel Francis

May 24, 1977 8 min read


Government Financing of Congressional Campaigns (H.R.5157 - S.926) Lawrence A. Uzzell

May 23, 1977 5 min read


Marxist Threat to Jamaica Jeffrey B.

May 20, 1977 8 min read


Election-Day Registration (H.R.5400 - S.1072) Lawrence A. Uzzell

May 12, 1977 16 min read


Legal Services Lawrence A. Uzzell

May 4, 1977 6 min read


Carter's Election Reform Proposal Milton R.

Apr 20, 1977 14 min read



Fundamental tax reform would alleviate the harm caused by the tax system and signi...


Leave the Bat Behind

"BAT, RIP? That’s what some people are claiming," writes Heritage expert Adam Michel. "And with good reason. The border adjustment tax (BAT), a controversial proposal to remake the corporate income tax, has divided prominent economists, tax experts, and industry groups. It’s time to move past the border tax distraction to focus on getting tax reform across the finish line."

Episode 108: 'A Mountain Out of a Molehill'

This week on Heritage's Mass Ave podcast we analyze this week's activity on Capitol Hill, including former FBI director James Comey's testimony before Congress. Also, Heritage legal expert Hans von Spakovsky shares his perspective, and Heritage tax expert Adam Michel on the state of tax reform.

On the Senate Health Bill

“Overall, the Senate bill is better than Obamacare because it contains provisions to reduce insurance premiums and promote access to insurance in the short run; cut taxes; and provide major Medicaid reform that will help refocus the program to those most in need,” says Heritage expert Bob Moffit. “The Senate should go further by expanding states’ options to encourage continuous coverage and by providing additional Medicaid reforms.”