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About Heritage

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"You know, the thing that makes Jim DeMint a great leader is the same thing that has always made...The Heritage Foundation itself so valuable. That is, your shared insistence on making the positive case for conservatism: what conservatives are for." Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT)

The Heritage Foundation represents hundreds of thousands of truly remarkable citizens— patriots from every state who believe in the Constitution and the principles that set America apart as the strongest, most prosperous, and most compassionate nation in history.


Our 500,000 members provide the financial support we rely on  to advance your conservative principles. We don’t take a penny of money from the government, and we don’t do any work for hire.


What every Heritage member shares is a profound understanding that America

is the greatest nation the world has ever known—and an unwavering determination to see freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civil society flourish here at home and throughout the world.


Through everything we do, Heritage reflects our members’ principles and patriotism.


The conservative, constitutional values our members hold dear—those are the values that define Heritage, that drive us... that inspire us. On behalf of our members, we are the most dedicated, most influential force for conservative ideas.


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