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Sep 22

The National Debt Has Hit $20 Trillion

Our national debt just topped $20 trillion. That’s 13 zeros, or $20,000,000,000,000. This also means that the federal government now owes almost $1.5 trillion more than the entire U.S. economy produced in 2016. To put this number into context, here are some other things that add up to $20 trillion...

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Sep 21

SCOTUS 101: The New Term

This week, Elizabeth Slattery and Tiffany Bates discuss amicus briefs and the start of the Supreme Court’s next term. They also talk with the New York Times reporter Adam Liptak about covering the Supreme Court and try to stump him with a game—“Judge or Just Made Up?” 

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Sep 19

President Trump's UN Debut

“As he did in Poland, Pres.Trump should use his platform at the United Nations today to make a compelling case for America’s foreign policy goals and issue a full-throated defense our partners around the world. I believe he will do just that," says Heritage expert Brett Schaefer. "On the vital issues of international importance, such as addressing the threats to peace and stability posed by North Korea and Iran, the United States must lead from a position of strength..." 

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Sep 18

Mass Ave Episode 123: Opioid Crisis and Government Reorganization

This week on Mass Ave, we discuss the drug crisis and nonviolent drug crime reform with Heritage Legal Fellow John-Michael Seibler. Next, we get Heritage Research Fellow Rachel Greszler's take on government reorganization, an important topic she recently testified on. Finally, in our new 'Ask the Expert' segment, Heritage Senior Legal Research Fellow Paul Larkin addresses a viewer question about the opioid crisis.

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Sep 15

Constitution Day

Two hundred and thirty years ago, America's Founders penned the United States Constitution. Today, it stands as the world's oldest national constitution still in use. This week Rod Rosenstein, deputy attorney general for the United States; and Edwin Meese III, former U.S. attorney general and Heritage’s Ronald Reagan distinguished fellow emeritus hosted a Constitution Day address.

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Sep 14

Removing Tax Barriers to Competitive Currencies

Competitive market forces can improve the means of payment in the same way that market forces improve virtually all goods and services. The current tax treatment of alternative currencies creates a major barrier to the common use of alternative currencies. Congress should eliminate tax and other legal impediments to the development of alternative currencies. 

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