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9 hrs ago

Trump Hits on Tax Reform at Heritage's President's Club

Last night, President Trump continued to focus on the importance of getting tax reform passed at a speech hosted by the Heritage Foundation. With the goal of boosting economic growth and harboring a more business-friendly environment, Trump urged Congress to get a bill to his desk. 

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Oct 17

Pruitt Right to End Sue and Settle Practice

"The EPA should be commended for going after the egregious sue and settle practice," says Heritage expert Daren Bakst. "Federal regulation is supposed to be developed in an open manner with public participation. Instead, agencies such as the EPA have been engaging in closed-door deal-making with special interests, primarily environmental pressure groups."

Oct 16

President Trump Makes Right Call on Iran Strategy

"President Trump’s announcement that he will not certify the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action represents a reasonable, responsible, and realistic first step of a comprehensive strategy to confront Iran’s nuclear ambition and its destabilizing behavior in the Middle East," says Heritage expert Luke Coffey. 

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Oct 13

Trump Ends Subsidies for Insurers

“Congressional action to continue these subsidies will not help stabilize the broader individual-market, which is suffering under Obamacare’s burdensome regulatory regime," says Heritage expert Ed Haislmaier. "To be clear, the CSRs prop up the subsidized Obamacare exchange market, but would do absolutely nothing to stabilize the broader, unsubsidized individual market." 

Oct 12

SCOTUS 101: Women in the Court

In Episode 204 of SCOTUS 101, Elizabeth Slattery and Tiffany Bates talk about recent oral arguments, the latest action in the travel ban case, and women in the Court. They also interview former Attorney General Ed Meese and play “Supreme Court – Quotable SCOTUS Edition.”

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Oct 11

How Bad Is It?

Heritage has released its annual Index of U.S. Military Strength, which examines the global operating environment, the threats facing the United States, and the military's ability to respond to those threats and protect our interests and our allies. The U.S. military has steadily suffered under the effects of overuse, along with budget cuts and sequestration. Browse the index to find out which branch is suffering the most and who is America's greatest threat.

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